Step by step, we explain how to do specific tasks related to software development and GitHub utilization.

Hugo Escafit

How to Automate the Code Merging Process

Tired of handling merges manually as your team develops? It may be time to automate code merging instead. Merging code in Git can be tedious and time-consuming, leading to missed milestones and more in particularly dire cases. Automation is a great solution, but you'll need to use it appropriately to

Hugo Escafit

Regex 101: Everything you need to know

Text processing automates the analysis and sorting of unstructured text data. Machine learning models can use this structured information to generate new text, manipulate the existing text, or get insights from it. In this article, we’re looking at a robust and efficient text-processing approach: Regex. Regex has individual syntax,

Erwan Simonetti

How to Start Using Python Typing?

Most programming languages are either statically or dynamically typed. With static typing, developers need to define the type of data used, like in the example below in the C language: int example_function(int number, char *string) From the very first look at this function, you know that it takes

Hugo Escafit

How to Protect Secrets When Using GitHub Actions?

With the launch of GitHub Actions, GitHub has taken the DevOps world by storm. All the new buzzwords, such as Serverless, Functions as a Service (FaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS), have become much more accessible. GitHub Actions are a new breed of FaaS. This new service allows anyone

Hugo Escafit

How Can I Improve My Developer Experience (DevEx)?

Find some useful tips to improve your Developer Experience, make your team happy and your company best place to work for software developers.

Fabien Martinet

Flaky Tests: How to Fix Them?

In the world of software development, tests are easier to write than to maintain. This statement is even more accurate when it comes to flaky tests. You know, those tests that pass 90% of the time, but well, sometimes, they fail without you knowing why 😢. In cases of flakiness, each

Alexandre Gaubert

You Are Doing Jest the Wrong Way

I wrote Jest tests for over three years on a complex web application. Like me,  you are probably doing it the wrong way. Without knowing it. I'm not blaming you. Jest is an excellent test runner for frontend code, coupled with enzyme and react-testing-library for React apps, it can be

Fabien Martinet

Flaky tests: what are they and how to classify them?

What is a flaky test? This is a big question since automated testing is key to CI/CD. To fully answer this question, you will understand what makes a test flaky and know the different types of flaky tests, helping you to classify them.

Hugo Escafit

How to Use GitHub Issues

Planning a project of any kind can be time-consuming. This is especially true in the development sphere, where details are often of critical importance. At a minimum, planning a project tends to involve setting objectives, defining timeframes, and specifying tasks to be performed. GitHub Issues accommodates these actions and more

Julien Danjou

Freezing your GitHub repository merges

Freezing your GitHub repository could mean a lot of things. In that case, I'm not talking about putting it on ice or sending it to GitHub's Artic Code Vault. No, that's not the point here. As controlling the merge flow becomes increasingly important, many engineering teams have encountered the need

Aniket Pal

Automating security for applications with DevSecOps

Bob, after conversing with Jenny, learned about GitOps and is using it effectively. Previously what took him 8-12 weeks to develop due to operations issues can now be resolved in days. Every other week Bob builds a new version of his application. At some point, Bob's user base reached 1

Julien Danjou

Replacing Phabricator Herald rules

If you never heard of Phabricator, you might not be alone. I admit I only started to hear about it recently, while the project started in 2010. Phabricator is essentially a forge, a suite of web-based developments collaborators tools, including multiple tools to do code reviews, track bugs or browse