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Mathieu Poissard

Cycle Time and How to Optimize It

In today's fast-paced software development landscape, delivering high-quality software quickly and efficiently is more important than ever. To achieve this goal, teams need to measure and optimize their performance using metrics that provide actionable insights. The DORA metrics and the Accelerate book's four key metrics are widely recognized as useful

Hugo Escafit

The Best Python, Java, C++, and C# Code Coverage Tools to Use in 2023

Looking for the best tools to help you measure and improve code coverage? Check out our list of the top 12 code coverage tools for 2023.

Mathieu Poissard

Keep Control of your CI Budget with a Merge Queue

In recent years, Continuous Integration (CI) has become an essential part of the software development process. It enables you and other developers to merge code changes into a shared repository, detect errors early on, and deliver software faster with better quality. However, as you scale your software development efforts and

Hugo Escafit

Announcing our Monorepo Feature: Partition Rules

Monorepos have become increasingly popular in recent years as they provide a centralized place for storing code for multiple projects or services. However, managing a monorepo can be challenging, especially when it comes to merging pull requests. This is where our partition rules feature comes in handy. What Are Partition

Mathieu Poissard

Announcing CI Optimizer Beta

As developers, we all know how important Continuous Integration (CI) is to the software development process. But we also know how much it can cost us in terms of time and money. CI tools can quickly become expensive, especially as your team grows and your project scales. Our Promise: Take

Hugo Escafit

Trunk-Based Development vs Git Flow: When to Use Which Development Style

Nowadays, there are plenty of software development methodologies. These range from extreme programming and lean software development to constructionist design and Agile Unified Process. All these development methods have their set of advantages and disadvantages. However, two of the most popular among software developers are trunk-based development and Gitflow. They

Mathieu Poissard

Announcing "Merge-After" Condition

We are pleased to announce the release of a new condition for our Merge Queue and merge automation, the Merge-After condition. Schedule Condition Limits While creating a general rule based on schedule condition was possible, it did not allow you to manage pull requests individually. - name: merge on working

Mathieu Poissard

How to Improve Developer Experience by Managing Your Pull Requests with a Merge Queue

Many companies have invested in their software departments and, therefore, their teams of developers. At the same time, development practices have changed, and the SDLC has also evolved with the adoption of CI/CD. The growth of development teams and their productivity brings some issues. Indeed, in the context of

Hugo Escafit

I Lost 15% of my Engineering Team. How to Make More With Less? Tips to Maintain Your Productivity

This article is the following the first one ''I lost 15% of my engineering team. How to make more with less? Tools to maintain your productivity''. As you noticed in the title, we already talked about tooling before and how it could be important to companies. Now, we would love

Hugo Escafit

Announcing Datadog Integration

At the core of every new integration lies the needs of our clients; in this instance, they requested the integration of Mergify into Datadog. This may seem unusual at first, but there is a valid reason behind it. To effectively monitor and manage developer teams, it is crucial to have

Charly Laurent

Streamlining Software Dependency Management with Dependabot

Software development is a complex process that relies heavily on dependencies to provide essential functionality. However, managing these dependencies can be a significant challenge, as they require regular updates to fix bugs and security vulnerabilities. This can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive task for development teams. Fortunately, tools like Dependabot

Hugo Escafit

I Lost 15% of my Engineering Team. How to Make More With Less? Tools to Maintain Your Productivity.

With the economic situation, many companies, such as Meta, Amazon, and Twitter, are shifting, modifying strategies, taking actions and cutting costs. They must act fast and strong as they feel the cost variation triggered by inflation. As investors require companies to be profitable, big lays-off worldwide are being triggered. Facing