News announcements and achievements from Mergify, from its team to its products.

Hugo Escafit

How Mergify Optimizes CI/CD Pipelines - ROI Survey & Key Figures

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Mathieu Poissard

Mergify: Looking Back at 2022

At Mergify, 2022 has proven to be a year of development. The company has seen great growth and progress from our users to our products to the Mergify team. Here's an overview of the events and news that punctuated this year for us, which was definitely pivotal. Mergify’

Fabien Martinet

Announcing Merge Queue Freezes

Our merge queues have evolved along with Mergify. We've introduced more features to support more use cases. Today we are glad to introduce a new feature to expand even more possibilities. We designed a feature that allows engineering teams to freeze their merge queues to provide more control

Julien Danjou

Announcing Mergify's SOC 2 Type II Certification

As security is everyone's priority at Mergify, we are thrilled to announce that Mergify is now SOC 2 Type II certified. This is a huge milestone for the team and a continuity in our commitment to maintaining a high level of trust with our partners, users, and customers.

Hugo Escafit

Launching our Startup Program

Today, Mergify is proud to announce its Startup Program [], aiming to help every startup scale its business and become more prominent. Why are we launching a Startup Program? At Mergify, we know what it is to be a startup. We know how hard it is to

Mehdi Abaakouk

Handling 780k GitHub events per day

A year ago, we wrote about our workload issues [] and how we were handling 300k GitHub events per day. Our main challenge was avoiding GitHub rate limit and quota system while delivering service with low latency and high throughput. Earlier this year we noticed more

Mehdi Abaakouk

Announcing Time-based Conditions

Today, we're happy to announce the general availability of one of our most awaited features. Expressing conditions to act upon is the core of Mergify rules. While many dimensions are exposed through our configuration file and allow us to filter on many pull request attributes, one important was

Mehdi Abaakouk

Announcing Boolean Operators in Conditions

Over the years, Mergify users wish they could be more expressive in the way they write their pull request rules. As those rules are a combination of conditions, being able to use or and and operators inside those expressions is a must-have. We are pleased to announce that this long-awaited

Julien Danjou

Announcing Speculative Merge Queues

Today we're happy to announce the general availability of our new merge queues feature. This unique functionality allows engineering teams to secure their code merge by serializing them while parallelizing their testing. If your team never used a merge automation tool nor a merge queue, this is a

Julien Danjou

Introducing Mergify Discussions

From the beginning of our adventure, we built Mergify in the open. As we're building a tool for developers, we know how frustrating it can to work with closed software. In the continuity of our efforts and vision, we're launching today Mergify Discussions [

Guillaume Ojardias

A React Crisp Component

‌Some time ago, Mergify decided to move his chat widget from Drift [] to Crisp []. What's this, you say? You know, this is the little button at the bottom right of your screen where you can engage with our fantastic support team! Integration

Julien Danjou

What's new in Mergify, 2020Q2

Three more months have passed, and it's now time for us to share what we built and released over that time frame. Ready? Go! 📦 Batching! That might not sound that exciting, but trust us — it is. Mehdi wrote about it [] a few days