How Mergify Optimizes CI/CD Pipelines - ROI Survey & Key Figures

How Mergify Optimizes CI/CD Pipelines - ROI Survey & Key Figures

Hugo Escafit

Statistics are vital in evaluating a solution. They offer quantifiable evidence of its effectiveness, allowing for clear benchmarking and comparison.

Numerical data assists in decision-making by providing objective criteria to assess performance, return on investment, and alignment with specific goals.

We know Mergify is empowering your CI/CD pipeline, but we wanted numbers to illustrate that!

The ROI Survey

That's why last month, we surveyed 70 of our users to know how Mergify was helping them and decided to share and write about the results.

We decided to split our survey into four parts:

Code Safety πŸ”

How well Mergify safeguards the codebase and reduces security risks in development workflows.

Developer Experience πŸ˜„

How Mergify enhances overall job satisfaction and streamlines processes for developers.

Developer Velocity πŸš€

How Mergify impacts the pace of development, seeking to quantify its effect on accelerating project timelines and feature deployment.

Continuous Integration Costs πŸ’°

How does Mergify influence the financial aspect of continuous integration, aiming to evaluate its cost-effectiveness and resource utilization?

You can check the survey below. Don't hesitate to answer it. It's still on, and your answers will help us better understand your needs!

Mergify ROI Survey

Results, Analysis and Key Figures

πŸ”’ Security of Development Workflow

57% of Mergify users reported an enhanced sense of security in their development processes. This statistic is significant because it demonstrates over half of the surveyed users recognize and appreciate the added layer of protection Mergify brings to their development workflows.

Moreover, the average security score given by respondents is 6.2 out of 10. A score above the midpoint reflects a general trust in Mergify's ability to secure development workflows.

πŸ€• Incidents or Breakages: Less 82.5 %

In discussing the reduction of incidents or breakdowns, it's crucial to highlight the significant decrease observed among Mergify users, with an impressive average reduction rate of 82.5%.

By substantially reducing the frequency of incidents or breakages, Mergify not only improves the quality and consistency of the development cycle but also minimizes potential disruptions that can derail project timelines and increase stress for developers.

πŸ€— Developer Experience and Engineers' Lives: 100% Agreeing

100% of respondents believe Mergify enhances the developer experience.

Such a consensus highlights Mergify's effectiveness in making development processes smoother, more intuitive, and less cumbersome, thereby improving overall job satisfaction and engagement among engineering teams.

Furthermore, the average score of 8 out of 10 for improvements in engineers' lives reflects not just satisfaction with the tool's functionality, but also its contribution to reducing stress, enhancing productivity, and fostering a more positive work environment.

πŸš€ Workflow Efficiency: 86% Frictionless

86% of respondents report a frictionless and efficient workflow with Mergify.

By reducing the friction typically associated with development tasks, Mergify not only simplifies these processes but also makes them more efficient, enabling developers to focus more on creative and critical aspects of their work.

An increase in velocity means that developers are able to accomplish tasks faster and more effectively, leading to quicker turnaround times for projects.

πŸ“ˆ Pull Requests and Merge Latency: 75% + Pull Requests merged

Mergify users saw a substantial 75% increase in the number of pull requests merged.

Such an increase is a clear indicator of improved scalability and responsiveness in development workflows, allowing teams to manage and integrate changes more rapidly and effectively.

Additionally, 71% of respondents reported a reduction in merge latency with Mergify. This reduction in the time taken to merge code changes into the main branch reflects an optimized integration process, leading to a more dynamic and agile development cycle.

Key Figures

  • On average, respondents experienced an 82.5% reduction in incidents or breakages after using Mergify.
  • 100% of users believe that Mergify improves the developer experience.
  • 86% of users find their workflow frictionless and efficient with Mergify.
  • On average, respondents experienced a 75% increase in the number of pull requests merged monthly after using Mergify.

Why ROI Is Important Here

ROI, by definition, means return on investment. Check out this definition by Wikipedia:

Return on investment (ROI) or return on costs (ROC) is a ratio between net income (over a period) and investment (costs resulting from an investment of some resources at a point in time). A high ROI means the investment's gains compare favourably to its cost. As a performance measure, ROI is used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment or to compare the efficiencies of several different investments.

In this context, employing a DevTool should be viewed as more than just an expenditure; it's an invaluable investment.

Given the compelling statistics mentioned earlier, it becomes evident that whether you're grappling with PR management challenges or striving to fortify your CI/CD pipelines, Mergify presents the definitive solution.

The expenditure on Mergify will undoubtedly yield substantial returns in terms of time saved, reduced frustration, and an enhanced developer experience. These benefits collectively contribute to a faster, more robust, and happier development team.


The survey results are proof of the positive impact of Mergify on CI/CD pipelines. A significant proportion of users reported enhanced security in their development workflows, coupled with a notable decrease in incidents or breakages after incorporating Mergify.

The unanimous agreement among users regarding the improvement in the developer experience is a testament to Mergify's effectiveness. Additionally, the majority of users experienced more streamlined and efficient workflows, alongside a marked increase in the average number of pull requests merged monthly.

These findings not only underscore Mergify's role in optimizing development processes but also its importance in driving strategic, efficient, and results-focused outcomes in software development projects.