Product Features

Announcement of new products or features developed by Mergify.

Damien Couppé

Taking the Wheel: Controlling Urgent Merges with Mergify Merge Queue

Mergify Merge Queue's multiple queues & priority rules features provide a powerful help to maintain control over the merging process. They allow you to create different queues with unique configurations, enabling urgent tasks to be prioritized and merged quickly.

Hugo Escafit

Queue Freeze and Pause: No More Trade-Off Between Automation and Human Control

Imagine being in an industrial setting with a massive, high-precision machine diligently completing its tasks. Suddenly, the machine halts: there's a problem with a tiny, yet crucial, gear. The work comes to a standstill. The incident affects the whole assembly line, creating a significant delay in production. This

Hugo Escafit

Streamline Your Development Workflow with a Merge Queue: Say Goodbye to Code Breakages and Shipping Delays

When you are developing new products or features, time is key, and you can't accept being stopped several times because of malfunction. And by malfunction, we mean the main branch being red instead of green, with your developer team waiting and wasting time trying to repair the whole

Mathieu Poissard

Managing Monorepos with a Merge Queue: a Game Changer

Handling large codebases is a tough job, and it's even harder when dealing with monorepos. A monorepo is a single code repository that contains multiple projects or modules. It's a handy way to share code across teams and manage dependencies. But dealing with monorepos can be

Hugo Escafit

Announcing Datadog Integration

At the core of every new integration lies the needs of our clients; in this instance, they requested the integration of Mergify into Datadog. This may seem unusual at first, but there is a valid reason behind it. To effectively monitor and manage developer teams, it is crucial to have

Mathieu Poissard

What's a Merge Queue and Why Use it?

What is a Merge Queue? And when is it useful? This article provides the answers to both questions, and explains the concept of a Merge Queue in detail. A must-have for most developers.

Julien Danjou

Freezing your GitHub repository merges

Freezing your GitHub repository could mean a lot of things. In that case, I'm not talking about putting it on ice or sending it to GitHub's Artic Code Vault. No, that's not the point here. As controlling the merge flow becomes increasingly important, many

Fabien Martinet

4 Reflexions on the design of the Merge Queue Freeze

Merge queues are at the center of the value offered by Mergify. The freeze feature we announced [] a few days ago gives our merge queues a whole new range of possible use cases. You can now make your queues follow your product development life cycle.

Fabien Martinet

Announcing Merge Queue Freezes

Our merge queues have evolved along with Mergify. We've introduced more features to support more use cases. Today we are glad to introduce a new feature to expand even more possibilities. We designed a feature that allows engineering teams to freeze their merge queues to provide more control

Mehdi Abaakouk

Speculative Checks and Batch: Under the Hood

If this title does not ring a bell, you might need to read first what a merge queue is, what problem speculative checks solve, and how mixing speculative checks and batching can save you a lot of time. Go ahead. We'll wait. Now that you have an idea

Mehdi Abaakouk

A Merge Queue on Steroids

In every engineering team, developers want to see their "ready to merge" work landing as soon as possible into their source code repository. Nobody wants to wait, and this directly impacts the velocity of the team. The worst part of the merging process would be to have to

Mehdi Abaakouk

Introducing Mergify API

Today, we are pleased to announce the general availability of the Mergify API. This has been one of our focuses over the last months, as it has been one of the most requested features from our beloved users. We are thrilled to release it and are eager to add more