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Mathieu Poissard

Developers' Best CI/CD Monitoring Tools

Think of CI/CD as a power-up, enhancing your ability to rapidly and reliably release new features and fixes. Just as a gamer needs to monitor their health and resources, a developer must keep a vigilant eye on their CI/CD pipeline.

Hugo Escafit

Trunk-Based Development vs Git Flow: When to Use Which Development Style

Nowadays, there are plenty of software development methodologies. These range from extreme programming and lean software development to constructionist design and Agile Unified Process. All these development methods have their set of advantages and disadvantages. However, two of the most popular among software developers are trunk-based development and Gitflow. They

Julien Danjou

GitHub Pull Request Merge Queue FAQ

In February 2023, GitHub released its pull request merge queue feature in public beta. If you have no clue what a merge queue is, you can read about it here or watch our video below. After the announcement, many questions popped up on social media. We built a list of

Hugo Escafit

Code Coverage vs. Test Coverage: Which Is Better?

Developers working on particularly complex projects need to constantly monitor the state of their code and all contributors' code to ensure it remains functional when deployed. Bad code tends to creep in unannounced, and it takes considerable effort to detect issues manually. Enter code coverage and test coverage to

Hugo Escafit

Git Merge vs Rebase: What's the Difference?

The field of software development has undergone numerous changes over the years. These changes have brought about major revolutions in designing applications and writing the code that makes them work. As development teams worldwide have grown increasingly complex, so have the tools they regularly use to synchronize their work. Git

Hugo Escafit

GitHub vs. GitLab vs. BitBucket

Version control is super important for development teams and can make or break your collaborative coding efforts. GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket all stand as solid version control platforms to consider, but each has its own strengths and weaknesses. We have delved into these to help you determine which is right

Hugo Escafit

Is GitHub Action Better than Jenkins?

There is an ever-present need for fast, efficient, and scalable automation tools in the rapidly expanding continuous integration and deployment space. Entire platforms have been built around the critical concerns of teams following CI/CD tenets [] to streamline their workflows better. These platforms simplify the

Hugo Escafit

Git Commit vs Push: What’s the Difference?

Many coders have used Git at one point or another. In fact, for most, it’s the version control system of choice since it's open-source and easy to use. A common discussion that comes up is Git commit vs push, or more specifically, how the two commands differ.

Hugo Escafit

GitHub vs. GitLab

Organizations and individuals all around the world use both GitHub and GitLab to help consolidate and streamline their development activities. GitHub boasts an impressive worldwide audience comprised not only of enterprises but local governing bodies as well. A comprehensive list [] hosted on shows

Julien Danjou

The Best GitHub Productivity Tools

To get the most out of GitHub, it helps to choose the right tools. Developer productivity tools abound, but not all of them are worth adopting to improve your workflow. You can use the best productivity tools for programmers to enhance almost any part of your development process, including getting

Julien Danjou

The Best GitHub Actions You Should Use

GitHub Actions are a collection of tools that help you streamline your development workflows through automation. These actions are event-driven, meaning they’ll trigger upon certain things happening. There are tons of GitHub Actions you can use—here are some of the best. 1. Checkout Everybody knows about Checkout [https:

Julien Danjou

The Best GitHub Marketplace Apps You Should Use

GitHub is a powerful tool for streamlining project collaboration among development teams. However, you can expand your capabilities even more by adding the right apps and tools to your GitHub repositories. With hundreds of apps available, though, which ones do you choose? Sifting through them all and keeping track of