Now Is Time To Be Proud

Now Is Time To Be Proud

Julien Danjou

This post will likely only resonate with our beloved users, but the time has come to celebrate!

If you’re leveraging repository automation with Mergify, I’m sure you’re exultant about it. I mean, your life is easier, you’re merging, backporting, labeling with a blink of your eyes. Things move in your repository without a sweat. You contemplate every day the power of mechanization and how you defeated manual duties.

Now you’re feeling accomplished. You want to share — and brag, of course. It makes sense! 😛

Therefore, today, we’re glad to introduce three exclusive badges that you can use to flaunt about how automated you are!

Here’s how they look:

“cut” style
“small” style
“big” style

You can embed them in any document by using their URLs. We hope you’ll love them and start using them soon!