New Pricing

New Pricing

Julien Danjou

We’ve been running Mergify for a few months now, hearing feedback from our users. Many of those reactions were related to bugs, features, that we spent time fixing and improving.

Yet, we heard that there was one common issue that prevented organizations to adopt Mergify: our pricing model.

It’s always complicated to get pricing right when running software-as-a-service. There are many articles online about the subject — I can assure you we are pretty familiar with a few of those. Like everyone in this industry, we experimented, and we’ll probably continue to do so and learn new facts along the way.

Thus far, our pricing model depended on the size of the customer organization. GitHub pricing follows that model, and we decided to blindly copy it when we launched. That meant that when an organization was paying for having 50 members in its organization, it would have to do the same for its Mergify subscription and buy 50 seats.


This actually worked pretty well during our first year, until it slowly but surely hit a wall. We were starting to reach large organizations with 100+ users, and they were unable to subscribe to our service.

What happened here is that many of our early customers are small companies, startups with a few tens of users. All of their repositories and users would switch to Mergify and never look back. In such a case, paying for your whole organization is a no-brainer.

However, when we started to reach larger organizations, only a tiny subset of their members wanted to start using Mergify. Most of them were okay to pay for a few tens of users to try the service internally and deploy it. They did not want to pay for their 1000+ users where only 10 would use it Mergify as a start. We can’t blame them.

New Pricing Plan

Starting today, we’re launching a single pricing plan. Rather than counting the number of users for an entire organization, the number of users is based on the total number of users that are collaborators on enabled private repositories.

New Pricing Plan

This allows large organizations to enable Mergify on only a few selected repositories and grow their usage as they wish—while not changing much for smaller organizations.

We hope that this will help more organizations on board of the GitHub automation train!

Any question? Feel free to ask in the comment section or reach our fantastic support team.