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News, Events, and Trends in the software development world.

Mathieu Poissard

CI/CD Monitoring - 2023 Key Trends and Innovations

In 2023, CI faces new challenges and objectives. As technology evolves, so does the complexity of software development. CI must now manage multi-faceted projects, integrate with a plethora of tools, and maintain speed without compromising quality.

Hugo Escafit

Mergify Bug Bounty Program: Ready To Hack Us?

Announcing the Launch of Our Public Bug Bounty Program with HackerOne

Mathieu Poissard

Developer Experience: for your Team and your Users

Learn about the threats to developer experience (DX) and how to address them. Find developer experience benefits for both developers and companies.

Mathieu Poissard

From Developer's Journey to DevEx

DevEx can improve a developer's DevOps journey, making it easier for them to work and collaborate. Learn what DevEx is and how it can help your company!

Julien Danjou

ChatGPT: Shaking Up Recruitment in the Tech World

A year and a half ago, our startup, Mergify, dove into the exciting yet challenging world of technical recruiting, specifically targeting software engineering talent. As a growing company, we were eager to find bright trainees and apprentices still in school. We believed in hiring individuals with basic algorithm knowledge who

Julien Danjou

GitHub Pull Request Merge Queue FAQ

In February 2023, GitHub released its pull request merge queue feature in public beta. If you have no clue what a merge queue is, you can read about it here or watch our video below. After the announcement, many questions popped up on social media. We built a list of

Aniket Pal

GitHub Universe 2022: Day Two Recap

GitHub's flagship event, GitHub Universe 2022, has just closed its virtual doors after 2 days packed of information, announcements, and releases. The team has built over 100 new features in just 365 days which were showcased in Universe. The loudest buzz in Day One was around Copilot expansion,

Aniket Pal

GitHub Universe 2022: Day One Recap

It was mid-week yesterday and it is quite possible you were exhausted resolving bugs or adding features. We won't blame you if you missed Github Universe Day one. With the home for over 94 Million developers, GitHub announced some of the vital changes in the first day of

Aniket Pal

GitHub Universe 2021: Rewind

As of June 2022, GitHub has over 83 million developers and more than 200 million repositories, including more than 28 million OpenSource repositories. GitHub Universe is the flagship event of GitHub. In the conference, speakers announce the changes it has made in the GitHub ecosystem. Why should GitHub universe matter?

Aniket Pal

Hacking the Way to Hacktoberfest 2022

It's that time of the year, folks! The one that fills our hearts with a great sense of community and a shared motivation to contribute to the open source landscape. Whether your October is full of pumpkins or spring breezes, it's time for… HACKTOBERFEST! What the

Julien Danjou

GitHub announces Pull Request Merge Queue

When you work for so long on the GitHub platform, you see signs nobody can see. It turns out we spotted weeks ago that GitHub was working on its own implementation of merge queues. We were thrilled to see their announcement [] last week

Julien Danjou

The Next Decade of Continuous Integration

I remember officially switching my professional career from being a Linux system administrator to a Python software engineer. It was ten years ago when I decided that rebooting servers was dull. Watching the software engineering team working next to me, seeing them doing git commit -a -m 'friday night