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Hugo Escafit

The Best Python, Java, C++, and C# Code Coverage Tools to Use in 2023

Looking for the best tools to help you measure and improve code coverage? Check out our list of the top 12 code coverage tools for 2023.

Mathieu Poissard

Keep Control of your CI Budget with a Merge Queue

In recent years, Continuous Integration (CI) has become an essential part of the software development process. It enables you and other developers to merge code changes into a shared repository, detect errors early on, and deliver software faster with better quality. However, as you scale your software development efforts and

Hugo Escafit

I Lost 15% of my Engineering Team. How to Make More With Less? Tips to Maintain Your Productivity

This article is the following the first one ''I lost 15% of my engineering team. How to make more with less? Tools to maintain your productivity''. As you noticed in the title, we already talked about tooling before and how it could be important to companies. Now, we would love

Charly Laurent

Streamlining Software Dependency Management with Dependabot

Software development is a complex process that relies heavily on dependencies to provide essential functionality. However, managing these dependencies can be a significant challenge, as they require regular updates to fix bugs and security vulnerabilities. This can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive task for development teams. Fortunately, tools like Dependabot

Hugo Escafit

GitHub Security – Best Practices to Protect Your Repositories and Metadata

Millions of open-source and commercial software projects use GitHub as their default hosting service, enabling developers from various locations to work together on shared codebases. Let’s look at the numbers: GitHub has recently announced that 100 million developers are now using the platform, making it an integral part of

Mathieu Poissard

Build or Buy Software: Useful Tools and Frameworks to Make the Right Decision

This article is directly linked to ''Build or Buy Software: the Questions to Ask Yourself''. Indeed, you are not all alone in facing this question, you can use techniques to help you choose the right decision. As you can read in our first article, there are many factors to consider

Mathieu Poissard

Build or Buy Software: the Questions to Ask Yourself

"I'll do it myself" — you probably heard it and said it a couple of times as well. That is a common reaction when you can not find an existing and fitting solution to your problem. This sentence naturally echoes the saying: "we are never better served than by ourselves." If

Hugo Escafit

6 Best Practices to Review Pull Requests in GitHub

Code review is an integral part of the software development process. It helps ensure that code is efficient, secure, and maintainable. Pull requests in GitHub are an effective way to manage code reviews. But bad pull requests slow down the development cycle and lead to low code quality. Therefore, following

Hugo Escafit

Regex 101: Everything you need to know

Text processing automates the analysis and sorting of unstructured text data. Machine learning models can use this structured information to generate new text, manipulate the existing text, or get insights from it. In this article, we’re looking at a robust and efficient text-processing approach: Regex. Regex has individual syntax,

Hugo Escafit

How to Protect Secrets When Using GitHub Actions?

With the launch of GitHub Actions, GitHub has taken the DevOps world by storm. All the new buzzwords, such as Serverless, Functions as a Service (FaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS), have become much more accessible. GitHub Actions are a new breed of FaaS. This new service allows anyone

Hugo Escafit

How Can I Improve My Developer Experience (DevEx)?

Find some useful tips to improve your Developer Experience, make your team happy and your company best place to work for software developers.

Hugo Escafit

Why You Should Have GitHub Backup

GitHub is a phenomenal platform for all development teams to take advantage of, especially those with members distributed across locations and time zones. Due to the platform's reputation and the ubiquity of Git as a version control system, many organizations use GitHub as the "hub" for their most important projects.