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Mathieu Poissard

Flaky Test Example: How to Recognize Them? Catch the Culprit in Your CI/CD Pipeline

Flaky tests are the chameleons of your CI/CD pipeline, failing and passing unpredictably. This article guides you in spotting these elusive culprits, with a concrete Flaky Test example, offering practical tips for turning your pipeline into a well-oiled, reliable machine.

Sydney Cohen

Streamlining PR Reviews: The Role of Automation and Communication

Pull request review is a bottleneck for many software teams. In this article, Sydney, Axolo's CTO, explains how a good mix of automation and communication can optimize this crucial step. To the delight of developers.

Mathieu Poissard

How to Get Rid of Flaky Tests? Best Practices

Getting rid of flaky tests and cleaning up your test suite should therefore be a priority. Luckily, this article focuses on the different ways of eradicating flakiness in your tests.

Mathieu Poissard

GitHub Pull Requests: 10 Tips to Know

Pull requests play a vital role in software development projects on GitHub, as they help accelerate development and retain code integrity. As a result, progress is fast and bugs minimal. But that's only the case if developers and repository maintainers follow GitHub pull request best practices.

Hugo Escafit

How to improve your Pull Request Management?

This article covers the fundamentals of pull request management and outlines practices to improve them. That, in turn, will enhance the pull request approval, streamlining the development process.

Hugo Escafit

Code Review Best Practices

Code reviews are a common practice in the software development world today and for a good reason. It’s essentially the manifestation of ‘better safe than sorry.’ However, following code review best practices can further optimize the process and help teams make the best of it. Code review saves the

Hugo Escafit

How To Maintain Your Velocity On a Monorepo?

Handling large codebases is a tough job, and it's even harder when dealing with monorepos. A monorepo is a single code repository that contains multiple projects or modules. It's a handy way to share code across teams and manage dependencies. However, managing a monorepo can be challenging, especially as the

Hugo Escafit

Improve Your Code Safety With a Merge Queue

Maintaining a clean and stable main branch in software development is crucial for a smooth and efficient development process. Making you save time and money so you can focus on projects that matter. However, as teams grow and projects become more complex, managing your dev team pull requests, and their

Mathieu Poissard

The Ultimate CI Tools Combo for Developers

Discover a powerful CI tool combo for software teams relying on a CI/CD pipeline. Combine TeamCity and Mergify and you've got one of the best workflows around.

Mathieu Poissard

What Is a Good Pull Request?

Pull requests are vital for successful collaboration and continuous integration through GitHub or any other Git system. Developers use a pull request to ask the maintainer of the repository to merge the code into the project. A good pull request would have a better chance of immediate approval.

Julien Danjou

Battling CI Latency: When Merge Queues Become Your Best Friends

Ever felt like CI is that overzealous friend who never lets you take a breather? You know, the one who insists on running a full marathon (read: functional tests) every time you want to go for a casual stroll (ahem, pull request)? Well, it's time to introduce this friend to

Hugo Escafit

The Best Python, Java, C++, and C# Code Coverage Tools to Use in 2023

Looking for the best tools to help you measure and improve code coverage? Check out our list of the top 12 code coverage tools for 2023.