Basic Knowledge

Content to read to assimilate the basics of software development but also to follow and understand the trends.

Mathieu Poissard

Flaky Test Example: How to Recognize Them? Catch the Culprit in Your CI/CD Pipeline

Flaky tests are the chameleons of your CI/CD pipeline, failing and passing unpredictably. This article guides you in spotting these elusive culprits, with a concrete Flaky Test example, offering practical tips for turning your pipeline into a well-oiled, reliable machine.

Hugo Escafit

Flaky Test Cases: Use Cases & Guide

This article provides all the information you need to understand flaky tests, including use cases, as well as tips on how to get rid of them.

Fabien Martinet

Git and GitHub Terminology: a Complete Glossary

Working daily with Git and GitHub, Fabien, software engineer at Mergify, offers an article listing the technical terms and glossary specific to Git and GitHub.

Mathieu Poissard

The Elusive Challenge: Why Is It so Hard to Spot Flaky Tests?

Flaky tests can be a real thorn in the side. Yet most teams tolerate them. Why? Because they are difficult to identify formally. We explain why in this article.

Hugo Escafit

What is a Flaky Test?

Do you ever feel this sensation in mathematics class, facing a problem, starting to write equations, the same as the ones on the classroom board, as you table neighbor, doing everything right and having the wrong solution at the end? You will never know if it was the calculator's fault

Mathieu Poissard

Developer Experience: for your Team and your Users

Learn about the threats to developer experience (DX) and how to address them. Find developer experience benefits for both developers and companies.

Mathieu Poissard

From Developer's Journey to DevEx

DevEx can improve a developer's DevOps journey, making it easier for them to work and collaborate. Learn what DevEx is and how it can help your company!

Hugo Escafit

Git Cheat Sheet (2023)

A Git cheat sheet is a reference guide that contains a list of commonly used commands for Git configurations. The cheat sheet can help developers save time when setting up and using Git.

Hugo Escafit

Why Should You Use GitHub?

In this guide, we look at why you should use GitHub. We also discuss the benefits of using the platform and its notable features. Why use GitHub? 🧐 There are many reasons to use GitHub, ranging from code sharing and project management to team collaboration and community contributions. Let's look at

Hugo Escafit

What is Trunk-Based Development?

Trunk Based Development is a popular software development model used by the development teams of some of the biggest companies in tech, such as Apple, Amazon, and Google. It’s also the go-to mode of development for DevOps teams in the industry for delivering fast & high-quality software products. What is

Mathieu Poissard

What Is a Good Pull Request?

Pull requests are vital for successful collaboration and continuous integration through GitHub or any other Git system. Developers use a pull request to ask the maintainer of the repository to merge the code into the project. A good pull request would have a better chance of immediate approval.

Mathieu Poissard

Managing Monorepos with a Merge Queue: a Game Changer

Handling large codebases is a tough job, and it's even harder when dealing with monorepos. A monorepo is a single code repository that contains multiple projects or modules. It's a handy way to share code across teams and manage dependencies. But dealing with monorepos can be tricky. You have to