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Mathieu Poissard

Build or Buy Software: Useful Tools and Frameworks to Make the Right Decision

This article is directly linked to ''Build or Buy Software: the Questions to Ask Yourself''. Indeed, you are not all alone in facing this question, you can use techniques to help you choose the right decision. As you can read in our first article, there are many factors to consider

Mathieu Poissard

Build or Buy Software: the Questions to Ask Yourself

"I'll do it myself" — you probably heard it and said it a couple of times as well. That is a common reaction when you can not find an existing and fitting solution to your problem. This sentence naturally echoes the saying: "we are never better served than by ourselves." If

Hugo Escafit

How to Automate the Code Merging Process

Tired of handling merges manually as your team develops? It may be time to automate code merging instead. Merging code in Git can be tedious and time-consuming, leading to missed milestones and more in particularly dire cases. Automation is a great solution, but you'll need to use it appropriately to

Hugo Escafit

Code Coverage vs. Test Coverage: Which Is Better?

Developers working on particularly complex projects need to constantly monitor the state of their code and all contributors' code to ensure it remains functional when deployed. Bad code tends to creep in unannounced, and it takes considerable effort to detect issues manually. Enter code coverage and test coverage to save

Hugo Escafit

Regex 101: Everything you need to know

Text processing automates the analysis and sorting of unstructured text data. Machine learning models can use this structured information to generate new text, manipulate the existing text, or get insights from it. In this article, we’re looking at a robust and efficient text-processing approach: Regex. Regex has individual syntax,

Hugo Escafit

Git Merge vs Rebase: What's the Difference?

The field of software development has undergone numerous changes over the years. These changes have brought about major revolutions in designing applications and writing the code that makes them work. As development teams worldwide have grown increasingly complex, so have the tools they regularly use to synchronize their work. Git

Aniket Pal

Understanding Version Numbers in Software

Since Ada Lovelace created the first piece of software, our industry has created millions and billions of pieces of software up to this point. Softwares directly solving endusers concerns to softwares like Mergify which helps enterprises ship quality products faster and safer.

Hugo Escafit

Why You Should Have GitHub Backup

GitHub is a phenomenal platform for all development teams to take advantage of, especially those with members distributed across locations and time zones. Due to the platform's reputation and the ubiquity of Git as a version control system, many organizations use GitHub as the "hub" for their most important projects.

Mathieu Poissard

3-Way Merge or Merge Commit: Why Is It Better Than a 2-Way Merge?

What is a three-way merge? If that's something common now, let's understand how it works. To do so, let's discover some examples, and its advantage over 2 way merge

Hugo Escafit

Code Coverage: Everything You Need to Know

What’s the difference between high-quality and poor-quality code? The answer can usually be found in testing. Testing is one of the most important aspects of software development because it ensures bugs and errors get caught during and after a project’s development cycle. One of the most essential tools

Mathieu Poissard

What's a Merge Queue and Why Use it?

That's a good question, isn't it? Indeed, if it was only a little known term a few months ago, merge queues are more and more talked about. Between announcements from leaders like GitHub and real technical solutions, merge queues are increasingly adopted by software development teams. You will therefore dive

Hugo Escafit

What Is Continuous Integration? A Simple Guide

Source code changes are an integral part of every software development project. Software development teams must be in constant contact internally to track changes made to a project over time. To make this merging of minds easier, development teams use something called continuous integration. In this article, we’ll be