Basic Knowledge

Content to read to assimilate the basics of software development but also to follow and understand the trends.

Mathieu Poissard

Road to CI/CD - How to Automate your Tests Suite? A Step-by-Step Guide

Test automation in software development enhances efficiency and reliability. It offers rapid feedback, consistent execution, and broad test coverage. This article explores strategies for automating tests, from unit to end-to-end, highlighting their crucial role in modern development.

Mathieu Poissard

Stop Reverting your Commits, Use a Merge Queue: A Guide for Modern Developers

In this article, we explored the importance of stopping the habit of reverting commits and embracing the use of a merge queue in your CI/CD pipeline to secure the merging process.

Léo Ecrepont

What is a Merge Conflict? Understanding the Difference Between Semantic and Code Conflicts

Merge conflicts, split into Code and Semantic types, disrupt software development. This article explores managing these issues, highlighting the role of up-to-date branches and CI re-tests, with Mergify offering solutions for smoother conflict resolution.

Mathieu Poissard

Developers' Best CI/CD Monitoring Tools

Think of CI/CD as a power-up, enhancing your ability to rapidly and reliably release new features and fixes. Just as a gamer needs to monitor their health and resources, a developer must keep a vigilant eye on their CI/CD pipeline.

Mathieu Poissard

CI/CD Monitoring - A Complete Guide

The world of CI/CD without monitoring is a bit of a fairy tale nightmare, right? Let's dive in this guide and discover why CI/CD monitoring should be as famous as the internet itself!

Mathieu Poissard

Small Team and Merge Queues, Why Does It Matter?

Managing code without a merge queue is like playing Jenga with code commits. Merge queues, essential for any team size, automate and systematize merges, boosting developer efficiency and maintaining software stability. This tool is vital for streamlined, error-free development.

Mathieu Poissard

Benefits of Using a Merge Queue in Github

In GitHub's CI/CD workflows, merge queues automate code integration, enhancing efficiency. They streamline pull requests, prevent conflicts, and ensure updated, tested merges. This boosts team productivity and code reliability, improving the overall development process.

Mathieu Poissard

Continuous Delivery, the Missing Part of your CI/CD Pipeline

In software development, CI/CD pipelines are crucial. Continuous Integration integrates code changes, ensuring compatibility. Continuous Deployment automatically ships changes. But Continuous Delivery, the essential middle step, keeps code release-ready, bridging the gap between CI and CD.

Mathieu Poissard

Avoid the Pull Request Rebase Hell with a Merge Queue

Escape Pull Request Rebase Hell with a Merge Queue! Automate your pull request updates and ensure smooth merges. Streamline your workflow, maintain a clean codebase, and enhance productivity. Learn actionable steps and tips to implement a Merge Queue now!

Mathieu Poissard

The Merge Queue aka the Best Trade-Off Between Security and Velocity for Software Teams

In software development, optimizing security and velocity is paramount. The Merge Queue acts as a balancing mechanism, ensuring swift and secure code deployment. Implementing a Merge Queue will enhance the quality, security, and efficiency of your development process.

Mathieu Poissard

Flaky Test Detection: How to Spot Them Before They Scramble Your CI/CD Eggs 🍳

Crack the code on "Flaky Test Detection" in your CI/CD pipeline. Learn to spot the burnt toast among your tests with our easy-to-follow guide. We dive into historical data, context, and reproducibility to help you identify flaky tests. Say goodbye to unreliable tests and keep your pipeline cooking!

Mathieu Poissard

Flaky Test Example: How to Recognize Them? Catch the Culprit in Your CI/CD Pipeline

Flaky tests are the chameleons of your CI/CD pipeline, failing and passing unpredictably. This article guides you in spotting these elusive culprits, with a concrete Flaky Test example, offering practical tips for turning your pipeline into a well-oiled, reliable machine.