Mergify Changelog for 2020Q3

Mergify Changelog for 2020Q3

Julien Danjou

Another quarter of the year passed. It's time to reflect on what we achieved and delivered to our users during those last months. We won't cover various boring bug fixes — only the new and exciting features.

Enhanced Branch Protection Support

If you use protected branches in your repository, you will be happy to learn that we improved our support for those using strict merging queues. Mergify is now able to remove blocked pull request out of the queue and detect if the checks are missing for a protected pull request to be merged.

Post Custom Checks

Mergify provides a new action named `post_check` that allows your rules to post custom checks. Custom checks give you the ability to provide feedback to your contributors more easily.

Post your own checks on GitHub!

See our release announcement.

Bot Account

You can select the GitHub account to use when Mergify needs to impersonate a GitHub user. Mergify rarely needs this, but some actions such as `rebase` need to borrow a user account to work.

  - name: automatic merge
      - "status-success=ci/circleci: test"
      - "#approved-reviews-by>=1"
        strict: smart
        method: merge
        strict_method: rebase
        bot_account: myorg-bot

We hope you'll enjoy those new features. Stay tuned and subscribe to our blog to be notified of new features as soon as they are released.