Mergify Changelog for 2020Q4

Mergify Changelog for 2020Q4

Julien Danjou

Happy New Year, everyone! We wish a brand new year full of development automation. 🦾

The year 2020 has been fascinating for us. We grew a lot. We saw a ton of new open source projects using Mergify to move faster. We had stimulating discussions with our users, and we will continue to build Mergify to fulfill their needs in 2021.

We already planned tons of new and exciting features. For now, we're excited to share what happened during the last quarter — stay tuned for upcoming news!

Case Study

We've published our first case-study with our friends from Argyle. You can read about how they leveraged Mergify in their workflow to save hours of release time and empower their engineering team, making them fully autonomous.

Bot Account

We've added support for using a bot_account to more actions, such as the review action. That allows Mergify to impersonate a GitHub user on its behalf to execute actions.

Bot Account Option

Randomly Request Reviews

We've added the ability to request pull request review randomly from a set of users or teams. This means you can fight the diffusion of responsibility while being fair about who gets to review a pull request.


We have launched our Discussions page on GitHub, meaning you can now ask questions and chat about Mergify easily. We're excited to see what will be shared here: workflows, new features, etc.


You can now refer your friends to Mergify! Using your referral code will grant both you and your referee a one-year seat to any of our plans.

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