Mergify Changelog 2022Q1

Mergify Changelog 2022Q1

Julien Danjou

Now's the time to wrap the first quarter of 2022, and it's been a blast. We continued to grow, welcomed new people to the Mergify team, and shipped a few new features. We are proud to power more and more engineers teams worldwide with our automation tooling!

Now, let's dive into what we shipped to start 2022 on the right foot.

πŸ†• New Attributes

We've added a couple of new attributes that you can use to write your pull request rules: repository-name and repository-full-name.

They allow filtering pull requests based on the name of the repository. This is useful to manage a single Mergify configuration file across multiple repositories.

🀺 Support conversation resolutions in branch protection

GitHub branch protection supports blocking pull requests from merging when there are unresolved conversation threads.

🚫 Restricted Commands

You can now restrict commands execution based on any conditions.

πŸ› New Queue Options

The queue action offers new options:

  • The option batch_max_wait_time allows configuring how much time Mergify should wait for pull requests to be queued before starting a batch. The default is to wait up to 30 seconds for the queue to get filled with pull requests to test.
  • The requeue command has been added. It allows adding back a pull request that has been removed from the queue because of, e.g., a flaky test.
  • The unqueue command has been added. It allows removing a pull request from the queue. This can be quite handy if it has been added by mistake or if CI jobs are stuck for an unknown reason.
  • Draft pull requests created by Mergify merge queue can be created using a bot account using the draft_bot_account setting.
  • The freeze API has been added. This allows freezing a queue, preventing the merge of its pull requests.
  • A new option disallow_checks_interruption_from_queue has appeared. This allows a queue not to be interrupted by a queue preceding it.
  • The list of pull request checks and conditions is now reported by the queue API. This also includes the timestamp for check start and end times. This is also visible in the dashboard.

And that's a pretty good summary of what we shipped during this first quarter of 2022. Stay tuned for future updates on Mergify! πŸ‘‹